Espresso Bar


Café Americano

Espresso long with added boiled water $3.30


Café au Lait

Americano with milk $4.00


French Press Cafetière

Fresh grind of Tasse blend served in a press pot 

$2.50 per person (in house dining only)



Double shot $3.00


Espresso Machiatto

double shot with a few drops of milk and milk froth $3.50



Espresso and steamed milk  $4.50



Espresso steamed milk and milk froth  $4.50


Café Mocha

Espresso with Belgian chocolate ganache and steamed milk, milk froth and Chantilly Cream  $5.00


Café Tasse

Espresso with vanilla ice cream, Belgian chocolate ganache and steamed milk, milk froth and Chantilly Cream  $6.00



Tea Salon

Selection of Loose Leaf Teas

Served in a fine bone china tea pot  $3.50 per person


Iced Tea

Freshly brewed black tea over ice with lemon  $2.95


Forest Berry Tea

Tasse proprietary blend of field berries tea  $2.95


Arnold Palmer

Fresh brew black tea combined with lemonade  $2.95


Chai Latte

Rashne Hindra Chai  tea with steamed milk and milk froth $4.75


London Fog

Earl Grey with Lavender, vanilla syrup, milk & milk froth $4.50





Tasse Hot Chocolate

Whole milk, semi sweet Belgian chocolate, and Tasse marshmallows  $4.50



Still mineral water from France  $2.50



Sparkling mineral water  $2.50



sparkling orange beverage from France $2.75


Selection of  Sodas

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dad's Rootbeer $2.75




Our coffee is organic, fair trade and locally roasted by Kootenay Coffee Company